Reich Lectureship

Mt. Sinai Rudolph Reich Lectureship

The Mt. Sinai Rudolph Reich Lectureship was established by the Orthopaedic Department at Mt. Sinai Hospital in 1965 as an educational forum for Orthopaedic Surgeons. It is befitting that these annual lectures continue as a tribute to Dr. Reich who served as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital from 1935 to 1954.

In keeping the Mt. Sinai legacy alive, Co-chairs, A. Seth Greenwald, D.Phil.(Oxon) and William H. Seitz, Jr., M.D., proudly honor the continuation of this lectureship.

The Mt. Sinai Reich Lecture is supported by an endowment from the Reich Family and the Mt. Sinai Health Foundation.

Mt. Sinai Health Foundation
Rudolph Reich
Rudolph Reich, MD

Dr. Rudolph Reich maintained an active orthopaedic practice spanning fifty-eight years until two months before his death on September 6, 1977 at the age of eighty-six. He was a productive, vital, energetic and enthusiastic clinician, teacher and researcher.

Dr. Reich had particular interest in femoral neck fractures, shoulder disabilities and fractures of the os calcis. His investigations were reported in the more than thirty papers he published.


1966Dr. George J. Garceau
1967Dr. Raphael R. Goldenberg
1968Mr. Peter F. Williams
1969Dr. Carroll B. Larson
1970Dr. Crawford J. Campbell
1971Prof. A.R. Hodgson
1972Dr. Herbert E. Pedersen
1973Dr. Jack K. Wickstrom
1974Dr. Charles S. Neer, II
1974Dr. Patrick J. Kelly
1975Dr. Robert D. Ray
1977Dr. William Kirkaldy-Willis
1978Dr. John Kennedy
1978Dr. Paul W. Brand
1979Dr. Wayne H. Akeson
1981Dr. Ray J. Haddad, Jr.
1982Dr. James W. Strickland
1983Dr. Edward A. Nalebuff
1984Dr. Henry J. Mankin
1985Dr. Richard J. Smith
1986Dr. Harold M. Dick
1987Dr. Lawrence H. Schneider
1988Dr. William B. Kleinman
1989Dr. William L. Bargar
1990Dr. Bernard F. Morrey
1991Dr. Jorge O. Galante
1992Dr. Kenneth A. Krackow
1993Dr. Michael W. Chapman
1994Dr. Douglas W. Jackson
1994Dr. Louis U. Bigliani
1995Dr. Sigvard T. Hansen, Jr.
1997Dr. Robert E. Booth, Jr.
1998Dr. Gary M. Gartsman
1999Dr. Melvin Rosenwasser
2000Dr. Thomas H. Mallory
2001Dr. William P. Cooney
2002Dr. Robert J. Neviaser
2003Dr. Shawn O’Driscoll
2004Dr. Richard Gelberman
2005Dr. Edward Akelman
2006Dr. Thomas P. Sculco
2007Dr. Richard F. Kyle
2008Dr. Daniel J. Berry
2009Dr. David L. Helfet
2010Dr. Marc Garcia-Elias
2011Dr. Allan E. Gross
2012Dr. Leesa M. Galatz
2013Dr. Steven J. MacDonald
2014Drs. Barry Friedman, Rick Papandrea & Richard Parker
2015Dr. Wayne G. Paprosky
2016Dr. Michelle G. Carlson
2017Dr. Clive P. Duncan
2018Dr. Frank A. Cordasco
2019Dr. William J. Maloney III
2022Dr. Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr.
2023Dr. William N. Levine
2024Dr. Robert L. Barrack
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